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Nonprofits welcome to apply for Purple Purse Challenge

Organizations serving domestic violence survivors with financial empowerment services are welcome to apply by August 1 for this friendly fundraising competition.

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Allstate Foundation Purple Purse is dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence through financial empowerment.

A young woman reading on a couch.
Allstate Foundation Purple Purse new research reveals staggering gap between public concern and action on domestic violence
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See a top reason people stay in abusive relationships.

Domestic violence happens every day.

It doesn't discriminate. Domestic violence affects every class, race and community. And men are victims, too.

1 in 4

will experience domestic violence in her lifetime

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of all domestic violence cases include financial abuse

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witness domestic violence in their families each year

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Here's how you can get involved.

Since 2005, Purple Purse has invested over $60 million to help more than 1.3 million survivors. Whether you're a nonprofit, an individual looking to contribute or are currently experiencing domestic violence yourself, the following resources are here to help you take action.

Your donation could help rebuild the life of a domestic violence victim.

Every dollar you donate helps domestic violence nonprofits provide critical services to survivors. From helping provide meals and shelter to educational training on finances, you have the power to make a difference.

Your contribution could help provide:
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