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The truth behind domestic violence

When people think of domestic violence, physical and verbal assaults often come to mind. In reality, it is financial abuse that prevents victims from leaving — or causes them to return.

Financial abuse: the silent weapon of domestic violence

Financial abuse is an invisible form of domestic violence that impacts nearly every victim. By cutting off access to bank accounts, jobs, credit-building opportunities and more, abusers gain control, preventing their partners from breaking free for good.

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Experience the Lost Purse Project.

Domestic violence and financial abuse are often invisible, even to friends and family. We're shining a light on these issues by providing strangers a glimpse into a victim's lost purse and giving them a chance to help.

"You can't always see the signs of financial abuse. To help people take notice, we gave them a glimpse into a victim's life through a lost purse."

Domestic violence affects men, too

While domestic violence affects us all, the vast majority of victims are women. However, this issue is not so simple. Sometimes the perpetrator is female, while the victim is male. And domestic violence can happen in same-sex relationships as well. Male survivors of domestic violence are less likely to seek help or report abuse. Many are unaware of services for male survivors, and there is a common misconception that domestic violence programs only serve women.

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You can help those affected by domestic violence.

There are many ways you can take action. See how you can stand with Purple Purse.

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