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Every survivor has an important story to tell. Hear from the brave people who risked it all to save themselves, their children and their futures.

"When the end of the journey is more than its pain, it gives birth to motivation. I am motivated for changes in my life and to help others."

— Gustalyn, domestic violence survivor

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Elvia's Story

Although my story is one of sadness and tragedy, I can confidently say I am in a better place now. I have two bachelor's degrees, a stable job, and a happy home — a far cry from the life I once knew. My abuser discouraged me from attending college, landing a job, or managing my own money.

"When I could finally handle my own finances, I got my first taste of freedom."

I got to my better place with the help of many good, supportive people. They were my eyes when I could not see my dangerous situation, my voice when I was afraid to speak, and my shelter when I needed a safe haven. Local organizations, The Allstate Foundation, advocates and others helped me receive financial assistance to go to college, and master job interviewing techniques and money management. They have empowered me to transition from confusion to knowledge, from fear to peace, and from oppression to freedom. Many good people were my building blocks on the foundation that I, myself had to rebuild.

When I could finally handle my own finances, I got my first taste of freedom. I was liberated. I could take the few steps to buy what I needed, and step by step I was soon walking on stage receiving my diploma. From here, the future is mine to decide.

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